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 Hi Folks,

Its again a late edition of ECK News. I am extremely sorry for this delay. Believe me It looks like just yesterday when I started this news letter with  8-9 people on the list most of them from my batch and working in LT IT and
Reliance,  slowly and steadily your constant support and encouragement made it possible when it reaches to more then 250 ECKians and announcing proudly this is the 21st Edition of ECK News.
Well lot of good news from ECK front.
We have a ECK website and Please do visit those web sites
We have around 4-5 E groups Please mail to the respective moderators for
 Joining these groups.
           Groups                             Moderators
           ECK alumni         and (
           ECK IJ Batch      
           ECK N Batch      
           ECK Forum         &

 We had the first Meeting of our alumni ECKAA at Kota and the minutes of the
 meeting are posted at the web site( Please check
 them out. Your feedback, help and active participation all are required.
 We have the alumni members reaching 350 at
 I hope  all of you are registered there.
 There are a lot of other developments going on at this front we have got
 some local chapters revived and Bombay Chapter had a get together recently.
 Please contact V.K.Gupta Sir for more information(

  •  Kapil Bhagpatia (N Comps) is in New York his res. no is 201-342-6571(R).
  •  Namitha Shukla (N Comps) joined Infosys.
  •  Abhishek (N Comps) joined Aditi.
  •  Arvind Bansal (M Tronics) joined Microsoft.
  •  Ayush Saxena (N P & I) would be landing in US soon most probably next month.
  •  Vivek Gupta (I Batch) engaged on 2nd Nov. Congrats Vivek !!
  •  Luvnesh Mewara (N Mech) would be joining Syntel (Ind.) Ltd.
  •  Ravinder Bajaj ( N Mech) is in Godrej Bombay.
  •  Pradeep Gupta (N Mech) is in IIFT Delhi pursuing his Masters in International Business.

     I am encountering a problem for a long time, we don't have any kind of
     database available where we can find each other or convey message to
     The best way is registering to ECK Alumni E Groups and fill up the details
     in the Database table as
     this facilitates to get a list of people with a stroke of key by name, by
     place they are working, by year of passing, by residence city, or by branch
     etc.  Please check this on
     You would be asked to sign in before you can enter the records in this.
     send me a mail to register in this group. We never send junk mails on this
     id and try to make this group id as mode of communication with all the
     ECKians. I hope everybody will maintain the sanctity of this group.
     Please send me suggestions, news, urgent message to be conveyed to all
     Eckians, or anything at or
     Forward this News Letter to all the ECKians if you are sure they would like
     to read it and be in touch with our alma-mater.
     Some of the people might be getting this newsletter twice as they are member
     of the e groups as well as my mailing list..Sorry for that.

     Vinamra Agarwal
     Class of 98
     Mechanical Eng. Department.
     Eng. College Kota
     Vinamra Agarwal
     APPLE Computers Inc, USA
     408-974-2610 (office)
     408-309-0753 (mobile)
     408-777-0670 (home)
     408-697-4700 (beeper)