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Hi Friends,

Here I am back with another edition of the ECK News Letter and I am late as usual :-)
It gives me immense pleasure to announce that the ECK Alumni is doing real great...people are interacting with each other better then  ever, we are having alumni meets every where, we are making a platform where we canmake a difference to this world.    Good show....

I am sorry for being a slow responder to a lot of people who have sent me mails telling me their whereabouts and also contributing to this newsletter. All of your efforts are sincerely appreciated and I apologies for delays inmy responses. I will try my best in future for timely replies of your mails.
Back to business.....

News mainly contributed by ECKians by mail....(Thanks guys!!)

  •  I received a mail from Prof. S.C.Gupta Principal ECK, some time back. His mail is attached with the news letter. Please contact him whenever needed at
  • First Get together and formal announcement of the ECK Bangalore chapter commenced on 13th Feb. 2001. 24 people attended that ceremony and some more people are expected to join the chapter as we have got a lot of people in Bangalore.
  • Arvind Bansal (M Batch tronics)  joined Microsoft.
  • Mahesh Sharma (K Batch Mechanical)  has also joined Microsoft. Wow we are going great....
  • Shikhar Bhargava (M tronics) has quit PCS and joined a company in Chicago. All the Best Shikhar.
  • Falguni Jain (M tronics) moved to bay area last week she is in fact in San Jose so we are having quite a few people in bay area  and may be some time we can have a get together.......sounds interesting isn't it, Lokendra.
  • Ravinder Bajaj (N Batch Mech.) is joining Tata Infotech on March 1st. all the best buddy!! his mail id is
  • Sanjeev Kumar Gupta(O Batch) has joined ISRO.
  • NARESH VIJAY(N Batch) is joining Motorola Gurgaon after the Masters from Pilani.
  • Romi Arora (N Batch tronics) is joining Sasken Bangalore.
  • Sanjeev Kumar Gupta(O Batch tronics) and Manish Kumar Goyal(O batch tricals) have qualified IES written.
  • Vishal Jain(O Batch tricals) has secured top rank at EE Dept. at IITKGP during his MTech.
  • Pratik Baraya (O Batch P&I) is moving to Boston USA for a project for 3 months. have a nice time Pratik.
  • Bharat Dharamwani (M Batch Civil) is in Dubai working for Pentair Inc.USA.
  • I am not sure who all but more then 3 people from cross batches have joined Infosys Technologies recently. I am not having much of the details as for now. But you can contact Ankur Mittal (N batch Instru) for more information.
  • People surrendering their freedom this month Babu Jain, Abhishek Khandelwal, Yugal Maheshwari (all N Batch), Vivek Gupta (J Batch) are getting married. Wishing you guys a Great time from whole of the ECK group.
  • Geet Govind Modi ( L-Batch) also tied the nuptial tie. He is working in Hughes.
  • Kalpesh Sharma(O batch tronics ) joined IBM Global,Bangalore. he can be reached at
  • Bhupendra Nagar(O Batch Instru)  has joined NIIT ,Delhi  he can be contacted at
  • Amit Kumawat(O Batch Comps) has joined Aviation Software Development Consultancy Ltd, Chennai
  • Akhilesh Goyal(O batch Civil) Has joined Surya Software Bangalore contact him at
  • Deepak Sachdeva (O Batch comps) and Deepika Wadhwa (O Batch comps) got married. Congratulations.
  • Mukul Jain(P Batch comps) got selected in Honeywell Software, Bangalore

  • (Please contact me if you want to communicate to any of those guys whosemail id is not specified. I can not publish their mail ids as they have not mentioned if I could  send their mail id to whole alumni or not.)
    And last but not the least my 2 request to all of you guys.
    1. Please get your self registered on the so that we can build a strong Alumni all over the world.
    2. And if you are the subscriber of any of the ECK E groups please update your information in the database i.e.  (this is for the ECK Alumni).

    One more information please use the E Group of the ECK alumni I assure itwon't be used for any spasm mail as it will now require the approval from me before the mail is sent to the group. So I hope  this group will solve the purpose and objective.

    Vinamra Agarwal
    Class of 98,
    Mechanical Department
    Eng. College Kota.

    Vinamra Agarwal
    408-974-2610 (o)
    408-309-0753 (m)
    408-777-0670 (r)
    408-697-4700 (b)