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Engineering College Kota Alumni Association

The memorandum of Understanding for ECKAA is available now. We shall be registering Engineering College Kota Alumni Association (ECKAA) as a non-profit, volunatry society soon.   On its formation I shall be transfering legal rights for domain to ECKAA. 

  1. With constitution of ECKAA, we will be forming an informal structure for co-ordinating our alumni activites across the world.

  2. We shall bring ECK officials on ECKAA society once we can establish electronic communication with them. This will provide the much needed linkage with the campus in the future.

  3. ECKAA will help local chapters in publicising there activities, providing webspace to them and bringing new members.

  4. ECKAA will collect finances from members for developing and supporting the ECK alumni website.

  5. ECKAA will maintain the ECK Alumni Database developed on the website

  6. ECKIJ Egroup will be maintained by ECKAA

Vivek Gupta