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ECK Egroup FAQ

Q1. Can I be a member of the ECK egroup?
If you are an alumnus of ECK (Engineering College Kota) you can join our egroup. Please look at the egroups form below and submit your email address. You will soon receive an email in your mail account. Reply that email and you will a member of the egroup.

Q2. My company wants to recruit people. Can I share this information on the egroup?
We actively encourage mails sharing opportunities with other members.  In fact we would like to make our egroup a very fast and good place to search for skills.

Q3. I am going for an interview / approaching a firm. Can I ask the egroup members if they work for the company?
If it is at a new location than your current geographic location you can seek help from ECK local chapters at the new location. We will soon be supporting database support at our site to provide you help.

Q4. I am relocating to a new place. I need some help in housing, getting contacts?
We hope that the local chapters will be able to help ECKites in getting housing, adjusting to community etc. In case you are not able to contact local chapters, you can use ECKIJ forum for your help.

Q5. What is ECKAA?
ECKAA is acronym for Engineering College Kota Alumni Association. We are planing to register it as a non-profit, voluntary society for co-ordinating ECK Alumni Activities. We will be co-ordinating our financial efforts through ECKAA channel in future.

Q6. What are the major areas in which I can contribute to ECK alumni efforts?
You can contribute in these major areas -

  1. Developing a local chapter
  2. Website development
  3. Financial contribution
  4. Newsletter
Q7. When are we going to develop Online ECK Database? Are we going to stay on freeserver only? Is there any plans for shifting the website?
We have recently purchased a domain name However we need webspace with database support. If you can provide that we will be very happy in shifting to new webserver.

Q8. Are we going to shift from Egroup mode to active bulletin board?
Our plan in future is to migrate from Egroup mode of communication to bulletin board mode. It is better as it is less intrusive to people. In fact we would than like to have egroups restricted to batches who know each other before.

Q9. Is this an official ECK website? Are we linked to the college?
We are not an official website for Engineering College Kota. At present we dont have any direct link established with the college.

Q10. Are you providing support for campus placements?
We can try only after electronic communication channels can be established between alumni association and ECK.

Please do not send any test mails on the egroup.

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