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Meeting of ECKAA took place at ECK guest house on 28/10/2000 from  4.00 PM to 7.00 PM

The Attendees included 45 Alumni . (invited with families)

Following Guests were Invited from college:
Prof. M.C. Chaudhary
Prof. Parihaar
Prof. N. K. Gupta
Mr. Praveen Bhandari

College administration gave full support and helped in organizing the meeting.  Everyone at meeting was very enthusiastic and extended their full support for the cause. Folowing decisons came as the outcome of the meeting :

1. The decision was taken for forming the Engineering College Kota Alumni Association (ECKAA).

1.1    Manish Chaturvedi informed that rough draft of the charter is already completed under the supervision of Prof N.K Gupta and Mr. Rajora. Committee for the charter was also formed and dead line of December 31st 2000 was kept for forming the legal body.

1.2    Rules and legislation of the same shall be firmed up and the committee shall take the further step of increasing the membership, usage of funds collected, meetings, Quaterly and monthly news letter, frequency of meeting to be called etc..

1.3    Mr. Praveen bhandari suggested to set up some basic infrastructure for the alumini. to set ups ome trend of honouring the old members in annual meet say the 20Yrs old batch every year, to pick some good the activities conducted by various other aluminies.

1.4 following members shall be there in the committee,  set up for looking into the formation of legal body - ECKAA ( It was decided that there shall be representaion from Engg college, people from Kota who can look into the logistics and legal requirements, chapter heads of various other chapters)

Mr. N. K. Gupta (ECK)
Mr. Rajoria (ECK)
Mr. K. K. Agarwal (Kota)
Mr. Vinit Jain
Mr. Arun Philip (Kota)
Mr. Brijesh Khandelwal
Mr. Vivek Gupta

2.    To develop web site "". <> for conducting the alumini activities and also for disbursal of information.

2.1    A committee was formed  under coordintaion of Mr. K. K. Agarwal, who also volunteered for hosting web site and providing space on the  web server.  This committee will be responsible for development of Web site and its initial content management.  The members of this committee are:

Mr. K. K. Agarwal
Mr. Manish Chaturvedi
Mr. Vivek Gupta
Mr. Sandeep Paliwal
Mr. Anand Chaturvedi
Mr. V. K. Gupta
Mr. Vinamra Agarwal
Mr. Abhay Jain
Mr. Anil Sharma
Mr. Brijesh Khandelwal

2.2    The web site shall have the information on the college and the profiles of students from various batches, search for the students from various batches on different criterias, and as suggested by the committee members. Content has to be finalised and site needs to be up by December 31st 2000.

The Scheduled Date for fully functional ECKAA and Web site is 01/01/2001. Secondly ECKOBA needs to be dissolved or merged with ECKAA. ECK has declared ECKOBA de-functional.

3.    It was decided that every year one get-together at Diwali time at ECK will be arranged by ECKAA Kota chapter.

4.    Profiles of the participants at alumini meeting was taken and shall be put into database.

It was a good beginning, and good response from everyone. Looking forward for ECKAA and Web site development  Positive contribution from the pass out batches are very much appreciated.