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ECK Newsletter
ECK News 20 Th Edition 24th August 2000
Hi Folks
Sorry for being late in this news letter. And one more thing it is possible it might not reach a lot of people as I  lost some of the e mail IDs so please forward this to everyone you know and you think, would be interested.
The news are :

1.Mahesh Jeswani (N Mech.) has got a job in BAJAJ Pune. I don't have his mail id so please any one having the mail id send me the same.

2.Manish Sharma (N Electronics) has joined Hughes India. Congrats Manish Wishing you a flourishing career.

3. Ankur Mittal (N Instru.) is relocated to North Carolina USA through INFOSYS. catch him at

4. Yatindra Madan(N Comps.) is relocated to Minnesota USA through LT & ITL.

5.Mani Arora (N Electronics) has cleared IAS Prelims ALL THE BEST Mani for your Mains.

6.Kapil Bhagpatia (N Comps.) resigned from LT ITL and gonna join in New York this month end. Full details are awaited.

7.Rachna (N Electronics) is transferred to Infosys Pune. Have a nice time in Pune Rachna!

8.Vivek Choraria (N Comps.) is in New York and his mail id is All The Best Vivek.

9.Aashish Sinha (O Elect.) has joined AZTEC. ALL The Best.

10.Dinesh Khandelwal (O Elect.) has joined CDAC Bangalore. DK keep in touch and send me more people in CDAC.

11.Deepti Swami (O Elect.) has also joined CDAC Bangalore.

12.Shubhra Bhatnagar(O Electronics) has resigned from LT ITL and joined DCM.

Job News: Taken from ECK Bulletin Board.

1. Dear ECKITES, If u possess any marketing experience and would like to join agri-marketing , do e-mail me at Piyush Lall K- Batch Area Manager - Escorts Limited 

2. Comverse Network Systems, India is recruiting new Engineers. Pls. send me ur Resumes on my Id Garg Vivek Comverse Dubai 

3. From: suresh rohaj <>
Subject: want to join TCS !!!
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 13:47:52 -0700 (PDT)
     If anyone interested in joining TCS, Please send me your resume. It would be easier if person has at least a year of experience in software and my recommendation will certainly help. If someone wants to know more, please let me know.
Suresh K. Rohaj
Denver, CO, USA

There is one e groups for I and J batch anybody interested can join that group for keeping in touch with I and J batch. send a mail to Please register urself at the this is our alumni site. Please send me ur new mail ids id there is any change. Be in touch send me the latest news or anything if you want to send to all the ECKians.
We need help from every one for shaping ECK into a Premiere Institute. For subscription to this news letter please send a mail with subject Join. For unsubscribing this newsletter send a mail with unsubscribe in subject.
Vinamra Agarwal
Class of 98
Mechanical Eng. Dept.
Vinamra Agarwal
Apple Computers Inc. USA
office 408-974-2610
mobile 408-309-0753
home   408-255-1148
beeper 408-697-4700